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Join Robert Sica, director of technology at New England Carpenters Benefit Funds, in a conversation detailing one benefit fund’s experience deploying their mobile self-service app. Discussion points will include:

  • The major design decisions, from the platform selected to the app design to the data included from the get-go
  • The implementation process, including trials, tribulations and tips for success
  • The results since launch, including impact on the fund office, feedback from the 8,500+ members using the app and the unexpected benefits that have also emerged.

Don’t miss this opportunity to tune in to what promises to be an enlightening conversation about delivering mobile self-service access to union members by a modern fund office.

Substance Abuse in the Workforce (Series Part 3)

What can you do for employees struggling with substance abuse? Find out how to be a supportive employer, make the recovery process easier for your employees and how to avoid fraud in your plan.